At Home from Home Boarding Kennels your dog will receive a five star service. 

With comfortable beds, heated kennels and a range of enrichment activities, we make every effort to ensure your dog enjoys their stay with us.

All our guests receive a minimum of two walks per day with both woodland adventures and off lead play time in our Bark Park.

Five Star Treatment... 

Boarding Kennel and Cattery
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We understand that all dogs are different which is why we have a range of kenneling options available for dogs of all ages and sizes. Our daily boarding rates start from £17.50 per dog, per day, with discounts for dogs sharing accommodation. 

If it is your first time using our service, we offer a free trial day/night stay to help your dogs get used to our surroundings and give you and them peace of mind.

Bespoke Service...




Every dog that stays with us must be fully vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis. These are the annual vaccinations that your dog will have had since being a puppy. We check vaccination cards on arrival and keep our records up to date. This is a legal requirement as per the conditions of our boarding license. 

The Kennel Cough vaccine, whilst not a legal requirement, is recommended. Should your dog require medication during their stay, we are able to administer this at no extra cost!

A healthy dog is a happy dog...

Delicious Menu...




At Home From Home we feed CSJ Dog Food. CSJ canine feed uses only top quality, natural ingredients, with an extensive range to meet the needs of all dogs of all ages. We are able to cater for most dietary requirements and also stock a range of foods that you find on the supermarket shelf. 

Should you wish to provide your own feed, that is no problem! We have freezers for raw and individual storage spaces for each guest.