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We have heard of several parlours re-opening this week. However, we have made the decision with advice from DEFRA to remain closed. To give our decision context, here is why: 🐶 People are allowed to walk to a local grooming parlour but should not drive as it is not regarded essential travel. 🐶 Groomers can pick up dogs from your home but have to have a full change of clothes and wear PPE to receive your dog. Also, if a groomer does pick up your dog they need to have all the relevant business insurances in place for whilst your dog is travelling in their car/van! 🐶 The vehicle must be completely and thoroughly disinfected in between each journey to reduce risk of spreading COVID-19. 🐶 Upon arrival at the parlour and following a bath, everything would need to be disinfected before the groom can begin. 🐶 Each time a dog leaves the parlour, the groomer, the dog and parlour would have to be completely disinfected, and PPE should be then worn by the groomer to return the dog to the owner. 🐶 With all of the extra disinfecting needed at every stage, to groom one dog would take a full day. This would come at a considerable cost to the customer as we do not expect our groomer to work for below minimum wage (even if we thought it was safe to do so!) 🐶 We really feel that with a good brush and a bath your dog can remain healthy. Please note competition dogs are grown out for over six months with just daily brushing and weekly bathing... they can manage!! And will regulate their own temperature. 🐶 We understand everyone’s desperation but please hang in there!! A groom that your dog receives now could only be a very stressful experience for them, if carried out in accordance with the extra precautions needed. 🐶 As a responsible business and in accordance with government guidelines we really feel that grooming is not essential and we wouldn’t dream of taking PPE from our care homes and hospices as I’m sure you’ll agree that’s where it’s most important. 🐶 We are taking this decision as a responsible business with the safety of our employees and customers as our primary concern.

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