Good evening everyone,

As you know, we are doing our upmost to keep the kennels up and running, but while we are doing our best, can I just say how moved we have all been by the thought and generosity of our clients. While we have said cancelled booking deposits will be credited to your account, we did not anticipate the level of extra support and understanding shown. On behalf of myself the family and all our staff can I just thank you for your kindness and generosity.

We realise that we are still some way from the worst this health emergency has to throw at us, but I don’t think anyone who saw the emergency NHS worker last night on TV finishing a long shift to find no essential food at her supermarket, could have felt anything but devastated for her. It made us stop and think what could we do to help, and while it won’t put food on the table, it may lessen one concern. From Monday, if you are an emergency NHS worker with concerns about being able to care for your pet, please contact us with your concerns and we will do our utmost to be of assistance.

Thank you all once again.


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