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Hi everyone As we move into the second month of this horrific pandemic and our thoughts are all about family health, NHS staff and key workers, we find ourselves for the first time having to follow certain rules, that a month ago we would have found draconian at the very least. As these rules are having an impact on all of us we thought we should clarify how they have impacted on the kennels. As far as boarding goes we are still open for emergencies. The Bark Park to is open if you have a genuine reason for using it and can travel here without breaking the government guidelines on travel. The grooming parlour is closed, we are having lots of enquiries about grooming however I don't think anyone could honestly call it essential for traveling. As we look to coming out the other side of this dreadful time we are doing all we can, so that when normality returns we are ready to take up where left off. We have already changed our policy on deposits, so that you no longer need to worry about cancelling your booking, however we would like to go further, and offer those of you making bookings for the future, the chance to pay in full and receive a 5% discount, of course should you need to cancel or rescheduled you booking the full amount will be credited to your account. We will keep both of these offers running for as long as is necessary, and of course for as long as you may have a credit on your account. The Government has given us a rates holiday this year the equivalent to £1000 per month and for that reason, we will freeze our prices until the end of the year. On a more positive note, as a response to the threat posed by new government legislation coming out later this year, we have been approached by two separate dog walkers, looking for purpose made exercise areas for their dog walking businesses so we may be seeing a Bark park 2 fairly soon. We have also added our business to the local database of kennels prepared to help out, pet owners less fortunate than others when they are struggling to cope.

Can we take this opportunity to wish you all a safe journey to the other side of this unprecedented time. Stay safe, stay healthy and not just for the NHS, for all our sakes, stay HOME.

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